Thursday, March 12, 2009

Boost -O- Rama

Having a mind like a steel trap is a great thing sometimes. In my infinite wisdom i overlooked the fact that my wire supplies were running dangerously low last week.Sooo.......i ran out of wire last weekend.
I had several prototypes that were already built and just needed component tweaking so i got to work on them and put all my paying jobs on hold due to the lack of wire.
Today's pedal was a guitar booster. The circuit is something i've been tweaking on for a while now and it may be done finally. It's a treble booster sort of thing - sounds great with single coils and fender voiced amps.
I wanted a spin art sort of effect and got pretty close by mixing the colors on the enclosure and then pulling them outwards with a piece of wire.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Hiding an led.

I may be a bit weird in that, i don't like to see led's when they are turned off. i'm always looking for ways to achieve this goal and today's experiment turned out well.
here's a close up of the top of the pedal with the light off :

If you look really hard under the letter above you'll see a small bump.

The trick is :
drill into the back of the enclosure slowly while looking at the front.if you drill slowly enough you will see the bit come through the aluminum.stop before the drill bit pierces the powdercoat.
now, take your led, sand the end flat and glue it into the hole in the aluminum. wire up the led as you would normally.
you may have to experiment with dropping resistor values for the led to be bright enough to be seen through the powdercoat but, if you're using super bright led's,chances are, you'll be good to go.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Today's pedal

Today's pedal project was a wah pedal conversion.This pedal started life as a budda wah pedal. the enclosure was gutted,drilled, and had a new circuit installed. the pedal is powdercoated in a purple finish so we decided to work with the paint scheme instead of stripping ,repainting and baking.
the pedal is now a really nice sounding tremolo. The foot treadle controls the speed of the tremolo and it has dedicated knobs for depth and overall output volume.