Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Resurrection of an amplifier

I have an almost psychotic love for just about anything covered in tweed.Suitcases,chairs,tables,workbenches,amps and just about anything else i can think of would be better looking and more durable covered in a well applied and finished tweed covering.There's just something about the mix of art and craftsmanship in a well done tweed that i really like.
Fender built amplifiers from the 50's are hands down my favorite sounding and looking amps of all time. they have a smooth,organic clean tone that sort of eases itself into a nice raunchy overdrive as you turn up their volume controls and they are, of course,covered in tweed.
With all that being said, i really,really enjoy restoring and working on these amps.my current tweed project is composed of the remnants of a 1956 or early 57 pro amp.It was purchased via ebay from a super nice guy and gal that run a small music store out of their garage.
I knew from the beginning that the amp had some issues but, it looked like a challenge and it honestly just hurt to see an amp that was once fender's top of the line model in such sad condition (see above pic).when it arrived i immediately started restoring it. ( if you want a step by step and progress reports you can follow along here:
Pro rebuild thread)
It's coming along nicely and is getting worked on for relaxation :).I'm hoping to have it done in the next month or so and am really looking forward to comparing it to my 56.

Guttermouth Electronics Forum

The nice guys over at musician central have seen fit to give me my own subforum.Come on over and hang out,ask questions or just say hi.
Guttermouth electronics forum

Monday, March 1, 2010

The first batch of tube lamps are ready

Come'n get 'em!!!

The first batch is made up of a couple of 7 pin and a couple of 9 pin models .all led's are blue and all of the first batch will come with the tubes in their original boxes!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tube Lamps

The world of tubes is a funny thing sometimes. Within the realm of an industry based on a long since dead technology ,there are different degrees of dead.Close to the bottom of this ladder are a littering of really cool looking, American made tubes that were state of the art for their day and were built to withstand insane temperature fluctuations and voltage ranges for use in televisions,radios and generally any electronic device you can think of.When the devices they were made for were obsoleted the tubes themselves were thrown away with them.
As of right now there are just thousands and thousands of these old tubes still around unused ,in their original boxes with no purpose left other than filling the landfills.
With this in mind - I introduce you to the Guttermouth electronics line of desk lamps :).
These will come in two sizes - the one shown here is night light sized and will utilize any 9 pin tube . The second will use bigger 8 pin tubes and be considerably brighter.They run off standard 9-12 volt center negative power supplies,consume almost no power (great for the environment!) and will come in just about any color you can think of .

Monday, January 4, 2010

Latest projects

There have been some changes happening here lately - effects pedals are on the back burner as i've been trying to clear the shop of unfinished projects that have accumulated.
I've also built a couple of amps and done some various other boring stuff.
The last amplifier i finished was a tweed voiced head that was kind of a deluxe/pro hybrid with a true point to point preamp. I've never done a point to point amp from scratch before so it was more of an experiment and learning experience than anything else. it came out sounding great and was exceedingly small for the amount of volume it puts out.

The entire head measures 12 inches across by 8 inches deep and 2 inches tall and puts out about 30 watts or so.
The project on the bench at the moment is a pretty standard jcm800 clone. it's coming together nicely and will be a pretty rockin' amp when it gets done.