Monday, January 4, 2010

Latest projects

There have been some changes happening here lately - effects pedals are on the back burner as i've been trying to clear the shop of unfinished projects that have accumulated.
I've also built a couple of amps and done some various other boring stuff.
The last amplifier i finished was a tweed voiced head that was kind of a deluxe/pro hybrid with a true point to point preamp. I've never done a point to point amp from scratch before so it was more of an experiment and learning experience than anything else. it came out sounding great and was exceedingly small for the amount of volume it puts out.

The entire head measures 12 inches across by 8 inches deep and 2 inches tall and puts out about 30 watts or so.
The project on the bench at the moment is a pretty standard jcm800 clone. it's coming together nicely and will be a pretty rockin' amp when it gets done.