Monday, February 8, 2010

Tube Lamps

The world of tubes is a funny thing sometimes. Within the realm of an industry based on a long since dead technology ,there are different degrees of dead.Close to the bottom of this ladder are a littering of really cool looking, American made tubes that were state of the art for their day and were built to withstand insane temperature fluctuations and voltage ranges for use in televisions,radios and generally any electronic device you can think of.When the devices they were made for were obsoleted the tubes themselves were thrown away with them.
As of right now there are just thousands and thousands of these old tubes still around unused ,in their original boxes with no purpose left other than filling the landfills.
With this in mind - I introduce you to the Guttermouth electronics line of desk lamps :).
These will come in two sizes - the one shown here is night light sized and will utilize any 9 pin tube . The second will use bigger 8 pin tubes and be considerably brighter.They run off standard 9-12 volt center negative power supplies,consume almost no power (great for the environment!) and will come in just about any color you can think of .

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