Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Resurrection of an amplifier

I have an almost psychotic love for just about anything covered in tweed.Suitcases,chairs,tables,workbenches,amps and just about anything else i can think of would be better looking and more durable covered in a well applied and finished tweed covering.There's just something about the mix of art and craftsmanship in a well done tweed that i really like.
Fender built amplifiers from the 50's are hands down my favorite sounding and looking amps of all time. they have a smooth,organic clean tone that sort of eases itself into a nice raunchy overdrive as you turn up their volume controls and they are, of course,covered in tweed.
With all that being said, i really,really enjoy restoring and working on these amps.my current tweed project is composed of the remnants of a 1956 or early 57 pro amp.It was purchased via ebay from a super nice guy and gal that run a small music store out of their garage.
I knew from the beginning that the amp had some issues but, it looked like a challenge and it honestly just hurt to see an amp that was once fender's top of the line model in such sad condition (see above pic).when it arrived i immediately started restoring it. ( if you want a step by step and progress reports you can follow along here:
Pro rebuild thread)
It's coming along nicely and is getting worked on for relaxation :).I'm hoping to have it done in the next month or so and am really looking forward to comparing it to my 56.

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