Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shellacing tweed

I'm building a clone of a 5e5a pro right now for an old friend who has gone on to bigger and better things .
I was working tonight and realized that my tweed finishing process has evolved fairly radically over the years and it is now almost a science. The process is too long and convoluted to type out and probably takes more time than it should to remain financially feasible but, it's something i enjoy and money's not everything, right ? :)
I'll be posting pictures of each coat as i go along so you can sort of see how it works.
coat 1 :

coat 2:

coats 3 and 4 :

and then here we are at our final color:

This took upwards of 7 coats (with inbetween steel wool treatment)But the results were fantastic and the new owner is overjoyed with his new amp.


  1. I think I own this amp, now. Unless you built more than one.

    1. That's awesome patrick. that is one fantastic sounding amp.
      play it in good health and don't hesitate to contact me if you ever need anything.

  2. Thanks. I've used it several times in Oklahoma and Texas and always get asked about it. I can't get over how loud it is.